Procrastinate, Now!

Have you ever found that when you've procrastinated, something happens, and you're pleased that you did procrastinate?

This has happened to me countless times! However, since moving out of home I've tried not to procrastinate. After three years I've achieved varying degrees of success. Anyway, this morning I should have procrastinated but I didn't. Shame on me!

I turned my PC on, warmed up the espresso machine, and then went back to the PC. Through bleary eyes I read the date on the PC: Fri ... 7. "Hrm... time really flies these days", I thought. Back in the kitchen to make the coffee, I noticed some turkish bread I bought yesterday, 50 cents off, had a use by date of 4 August. Those bastards! No wonder it was discounted, still they just shouldn't sell out of date stuff...right? Here's the crucial, non-procrastinating moment. Normally I dump larger rubbish at the end of the kitchen counter rather than in the small kitchen bin, "To be disposed of properly.. later". But this morning there was already a small pile of rubbish on the counter that I had planned on disposing of.. later. So I collected all the pre-rubbish rubbish sitting on the counter and threw it in a plastic bag, which I then put back on the counter, "To be disposed of properly.. later".

After making my coffee, I went back to the PC and realised that my Internet connection wasn't working. It turns out that my ADSL connection was down and NTP had not synchronised my PC's clock. I restarted the modem/router and then resynched my time. Damn my do-good non-procrastinating self! It's the 4 August today, which means the turkish bread is still edible and time hasn't moved that fast!

Thankfully it was possible to revive the turkish bread from it's semi-binned state.

The moral of the story is that you should put everything off for as long as you can! The longer you can put something off, the more information you will be able to accrue. Some day, it might save you your dough (Ha...).

"We will encourage you to develop the three great virtues of a programmer: laziness, impatience, and hubris."

-- LarryWall, ProgrammingPerl (1st edition), O'Reilly & Associates

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